VIGNET High Performance uPVC Profiles
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Generation Tour of Windows

Why Choose Vignet uPVC

Window Type Generation 1
Generation 2
Generation 3

Generation 4
uPVC Windows
Cost High Cost Low Cost Low to Mid Cost SL Series
Suits all Budget
Low to High
Maintenance Maintenance Intensive Maintenance Intensive Not Maintenable Virtually
Maintenace Free
Corrosion / Termite Attack Termite & Rot Attacks Highly Corrosive Corrosive NO Corrosion or Termite Attacks
Weather Proofing Leaks & Draughts Leaks & Draughts Leaks, Draughts & Wind Rattle NO Leaks
NO Draughts
NO Rattle
Sound Proofing Average Subject to Wind Noise Poor Subject to all Noises Poor Subject to all Noises Excellent Sound Proofing
Thermal Efficiency Excellent Poor Poor Excellent Thermal Efficiency
Ease of Operation Difficult if not Maintained Impossible if not Maintained Not Smooth Smooth / Easy Gliding Action
Insect Screen Optional Optional Optional or Included Included with Sliding
Many options
Warranty None None None 10 YEARS

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