VIGNET High Performance uPVC Profiles
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Vignet Opportunities
Customers all over the world recognize the benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors and they are already the preferred choice of most Architects and Developers.

The affordability and flexibility of the Vignet range of Profiles and our low investment equipment packages has expanded the potential for uPVC into markets that have been previously dominated by Steel, Timber and Aluminum products.

There are now an opportunity for you to capitalize on this opening and join Vignet in your chosen capacity so you can benefit from the explosive growth in this market sector.

Choice of Profile Systems and Hardware to Suit all your Markets :
Easy to Make - Easy to Sell Versatile System - Many Possibilities
High Turnover - High ProfitLow Stock Levels - Low Startup Costs

Become a Distributor Click to zoom

Opportunities exist for parties to become Authorized Distributors of the products and in certain countries, Vignet offers exclusive distribution rights for all of its products.

Such a distributor would have autonomous control for the development of the agreed Territory which would include identifying and appointing new fabricators in addition to the sales, marketing and distribution of the profiles.

Parties interested in becoming a Distributor are requested to submit the Online ENQUIRY FORM expressing their interest.

Become a Fabricator Click to zoom

We offer a complete start up package including machinery, hardware and profiles to new fabricators or we can supply our profiles only to fabricators who are already equipped to produce uPVC windows and would like to offer our products alongside their existing ranges.

For further details and to receive a speedy response, please complete the Online ENQUIRY FORM.

Become an Agend Become an Agent

An agent would represent Vignet in the International market to identify and appoint new Fabricators and Distributors to gain sales for the Products.

This is a pro active role where the Agent would participate in marketing activities in a given territory and would report directly to the Export Sales Staff of Vignet. Remuneration for this role is on a commission basis and will be negotiated directly with the Agent.

If you are interested in becoming an Agent, please complete the Online ENQUIRY FORM expressing your interest and the Territory where you would be interested in operating.

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